Our Story


Our Story

Meet the farmers...



We are a family of three with roots spanning all the way from Europe to the USA. From our desire to live a more intimate and vibrant relationship to our own nourishment, BeastWood Farm was born. Our dream is to contribute to revitalizing an ancient, co-creative way of life - plant and animal life in a beautiful dance of waxing and waning. 

To encourage mutual renewal and enrichment between our land and beasts, we chose to focus on heritage breeds : the critically endangered Ossabaw Island Hog and Cotton Patch Geese, the endangered Jacob sheep and slowly recovering Dexter Cattle, garnished with a few colorful chickens and intense, self sufficient Icelandic sheep and Nubian goats. Our canine friends watch over this whole operation and keep us safe.



Most days are spent tending to our beasties, getting to know our land and animals better, fermenting things and letting various musical instruments give tongue across the land. We love and live for the growing sense of connection and unity with the ecology around us - the deepening understanding of what weather the wind brings, the state of the soil, revealed by volunteer plants, the moods of our charges. 

Together we form an eclectic patchwork of living, learning, loving beings and enjoying our lives to the utmost. We wouldn't want it any other way!

Meet The Beasts

This is Gerta the goose. She is a heritage breed.

This is Randolf the goat. He's a feisty fellow!

Meet Bernice and Wanda, heritage hens that love to peck insects from the garden.






This tribe of turkeys hails from make quite a raucous!

A family that shovels manure together....