I am a day late with my newest post,but I am still here.

Struggling to find something to share about the farm this week,as I was polishing my banged up copper bowl. Today is a bright and sunny day - a day that stirs sleepy memories of a warm Spring afternoon. As I gazed into my bowl and its increased shininess ,I became enchanted with the way the light reflected. Little swirls of steam rising from its surface; a whole secret Universe of imagination beckoned from the deep and gentle shelter of the bowl's curved sides. It goes with the week we have had at the farm; gentle cradling of all the seeds and intentions planted for the upcoming hustle and bustle of Spring. Coming out in the mornings,wondering if I hear a new goat's voice yet. Allowing life to unfold and appreciating it as it does.

Therefore,today,merely a few photos (the geese started laying-yay and yum!) from this week.