....with snow storms and then huge amounts of rain.

At least for a while it looked picturesque and magical around here. Now we are entering the months of mud - mud everywhere,including in your face.

I was feeling stuck in the mud,too.First coming down with some flu like feelings,then the young master caught it,too. Now we are back at life full throttle,which is still relatively easy going at this time of year.

Our geese have declared their intentions of taking over the farm world via their offspring. The females are sitting on huge nests of eggs,which I will have to inspect today and whittle down to more manageable sizes. Nothing like trying to steal eggs from underneath a momma goose-it is not for the faint of heart.

My most recent foray into cheesemaking has been immensely educational,mainly in the field of realizing how much knowledge I am lacking! Reaching out to more experienced home cheesemakers was also a bust, since the only advice I received was: "I follow recipes-exactly. I have never had a cheese turn out in which I didn't follow the recipe to a t"

Well,see, that to me shows a fundamental lack of understanding in the cheesemaking process; and I am going to apply myself to learning more. Due to unforeseen circumstances I had to leave my curd sitting for a substantially longer period of time than needed. If I truly knew the art and processes of cheese fabrication, I would have been able to make an educated decision as to how to proceed given my changed time circumstances. It is amazing how little the cheesemaking books I have, speak about the variables in cheese making and how they affect it. In my research that ensued this experience, I came across Gianaclis Caldwell and I have high hopes that with her book, I will be able to further my cheesy education! I was also extremely happy to read her latest blog post about being a vegetarian butcher - her comments about humans seeing themselves apart from and outside of Nature,really express my sentiments on that issue. You can read about her here (and wow, I figured out how to hyperlink!)


          Then there is this young lady here...

adorable and going through one of her many growth stages of being unruly. Back in a hotwire enclosure she is,since she managed to break out of her pen three times in one day; a pen that was wired shut and she somehow managed to break the wire. Daily training should set her straight,and then she will probably forget most of what she learned (again) when she hits a year of age. Ahhh,those youngsters! But she is FILLED with love to the brim!