Dreaming- some of you who know me personally,know this topic is close to my soul heart. 

An exhilarating ride on coincidence,dreaming, vision and ,ready or not, stepping onto the perfect wave that presented itself,led us to growing this Farm. Winter- the season in which Nature shows us how to incubate seeds,dreams,small ideas that might grow into big visions,always points me back to Dreamtime. 

My original dream of making cheese and then feeding they whey to our pigs,is finally part of my daily farming reality. 

I love how the more attention I pay to night dreams,day dreams and even recurring movies I play in my head,the more I realize how all these just-below-ordinary-consciousness-going-ons,shape and inform my waking reality. Which characters do I want to experience more of? Who less? Where exactly do I focus my gaze and energy? There are seemingly infinite stimuli that we are exposed to every day,but I have the experience of gravitating and paying attention to the familiar? I love taking even just one moment,30 seconds, of looking at a scene I feel I KNOW; one I see every day, and find something previously unseen. What do if find? How do I feel about my discovery? Paying attention in that way,and attending to my daily doings,helps to,for example be ready for when the cow decides to try and kick me while milking. 

Dreaming and farming also work well when trying to avert potential chaos. The other day I awoke from a dream in which my pigs had escaped their pens. It wasn’t an emergency in my dream,but they were running around on the loose. Come to check my pigs’ fencing the next morning and yes,there were a few spots they could have gotten out of,had we not fixed them that day. A friend of mine,last year, dreamt that my t-posts would collapse if we stretched the fence the way I had planned..... we managed therefore to augment the plan and construct a sturdier enclosure. 

I enjoy fully immersing myself in life and experiencing the myriad ways in which these different experiences weave themselves into an utterly natural rhythm of communication and expression. It adds immeasurable richness and a sense of belonging to my life in the BeastWood