This week,

as it came time to milk Joy, our cow, I found myself grumbling at the prospect. Having to go outside into      the cold, milk, before milking cleaning/sanitizing, after milking cleaning/sanitizing, and then deciding that to make with the milk. Ugh!

It just seemed like so much effort,keeping up with this constant stream of milk. And in between internal huffing and puffing and grumbling,I heard this little voice,reminding me that I had asked for "abundance". You see, when I lived a life in which I always seemed to be lacking something, I meditated, invited, prayed for "abundance" and now that it is here,well,it is different than expected.

Because, "abundance" isn't just something static, one-dimensional; a one-way street. My experience of it is that it asks for engagement, creativity, attention and tending in return. It is not something that shows up, and I put it on my shelf and avail myself of it when it is convenient. Abundance wants to see my inner abundance: of energy, of inspiration, of commitment. It requires of me to show up fully in return.

I am so thankful to Joy and her milk,for giving me this moment of insight. It urges me to extend or be the cause for whatever I desire to experience in my life,in order to call  more of that quality close to my every day experience. This requires an active stepping into my personal river of life energy and momentum. Allowing myself to do so, then changes my outlook and attitude from (in this example) grumbling to being excited at the prospect to add my abundant and joyful qualities to the abundance of milking Joy.


The result can be...

some delicious cheese,or even a small stack of (now 9) cheeses, in my humble basement cheese cave. Happy friends, who love eating and sharing my abundance and a general increase of cheer and well-being.

A beautiful poem by John o'Donohue....take a listen if you can